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Our homes are deeply connected to the stories of our lives.
They hold the people, moments, and things we love most.

Dot & Bo is a service for discovering and buying things you love for your home. We combine the personalized advice of an interior decorator with the entertainment experience of watching your favorite home design television show.

Using curated design collections, we tell new stories every day. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or a brand new sofa, tune in for unique styles that fit your budget. We’re democratizing design - one chair, chaise, or chandelier at a time. Because great designs should be accessible. And shopping for your home should be a delight.


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the entertainment experience

Where products, people, and places tell new stories every day.

We’re reinventing the way you shop for design inspiration. With original series, featuring recurring storylines, engaging hosts, and advice on everything from mixing patterns to throwing an unforgettable rooftop soiree, we invite you to experience home decorating like never before.


Every day, we handpick unique and beautiful designs from around the world that tell great stories. We curate them into creative collections to inspire and entertain you. We’re building a new type of shopping experience, where discovering new products for your home is exhilarating.


Follow our team of hosts as they travel the globe, exploring new places and collecting unique designs along the way. From India to our own backyard here in San Francisco, we’re on a mission to discover pieces to help your home come alive.


We know as well as anyone that it takes time to pick out new items for your home. That’s why we feature our favorite pieces on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to feel rushed to pick out a new sofa in 24 hours. So browse to your heart’s content. Shopping is supposed to be fun!

Whether you’re looking to experiment with color or bring a slice of the tropics into your décor, follow our hosts as they guide you through a project from start to finish. From makeovers to design destinations to our top picks for outfitting your bedroom in relaxed bohemian style, we’ve got you covered.

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leadership team

We’re led by a bright and experienced team with great taste.
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Sriracha, I Love You

    • Favorite Decor Style

      Mid-Century Modern

    • Favorite TV Show

      Gossip Girl

    Anthony Soohoo CEO
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Retro Reboot

    • Favorite Decor Style

      Mid-Century Meets Tiki

    • Favorite TV Show

      Battlestar Galactica

    • If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be...

      ...a professional gambler.

    Jonah Schwartz CTO
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Tomorrow’s Collection

    • Favorite Decor Style

      Anything French

    • Favorite TV Show

      Top Gear

    • If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be...

      ...a stay-at-home dad (in Bora Bora).

    Eric Hikade VP of UX+DESIGN
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Great Escapes: Lake Tahoe

    • Favorite Decor Style


    • Favorite TV Show

      The Property Brothers

    Allyson Campa VP of Marketing
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Start-Up Office

    • Favorite Decor Style

      Rustic With a Beachy Vibe

    • Favorite TV Show

      The Mentalist

    • If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be...

      ...coaching high-school football.

    Kevin Dulsky VP of Operations
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Makeover Monday: Living Room

    • Favorite Decor Style

      Industrial Modern + White

    • Favorite TV Show

      Breaking Bad

    • If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be...

      ...hiking and taking photographs.

    Ben Parsa Head Merchant
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Natural Living

    • Favorite Decor Style

      A Mix of Industrial & Rustic

    • Favorite TV Show


    • If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be...

      ...traveling & cooking local cuisine.

    Stephanie Gillen Controller
    • Favorite Dot & Bo Collection

      Industrial Chic

    • Favorite Decor Style

      Wood & Metal

    • Favorite TV Show

      Anything "Reality"

    • If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be...

      ...move my family abroad.

    Susan Dalton Director of Customer Experience


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