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Enter into the world of the 1960's advertising agency with the first in our two-part series of mid-century modern office style, made famous by a certain iconic television show we just can't get enough of. Big pitches, late night brainstorms, impromptu cocktail hours - with the right office, you can do it all. Whether you aspire to work, drink, or play like everybody's favorite Creative Director, channel his confident and sophisticated style as you decorate your office. And don't worry, if you approach your workday from a different angle, we'll have another office collection for you coming soon.

Ad Agency Print

$29.99 $40.00 Retail

Moscow Mule Mug

$34.99 $49.00 Retail

Faux Leather Flask

$19.99 $28.00 Retail

Chalk Tablet

$19.99 $25.00 Retail

Corner Chair

$309.99 $624.00 Retail

Futurist Table Lamp

$299.99 $789.00 Retail

Soleil Table Lamp

$109.99 $248.00 Retail

Ion Floor Lamp

$449.99 $530.00 Retail

Dressler Chair

$799.99 $1,329.00 Retail

Vintage Bar Set

$99.99 $138.00 Retail

Amber Waste Basket

$99.99 $159.00 Retail

Vintage Globe

$49.99 $55.00 Retail

Wings Chair in Black

$784.99 $1,584.00 Retail

Three Tier Bookshelf

$479.99 $1,284.00 Retail


  • Benjamin Teak Sideboard
  • Honeycomb Pendant
  • Executive Whiskey Glasses - Set of 2
  • Beamish Bed
  • Compartment Desk
  • Portia Pendant Light in White - Small
  • Metal Back Club Chair
  • Caterina Sideboard
  • Catalan Chair in Black
  • Retro Relaxation Storage Unit
  • Steampunk Clock
  • Mid-Century Slope Chair in Black